Can Laser Hair Removal Allow Me to Quit Shaving for Good?

Shaving and waxing are inconvenient and time consuming. Whether it’s due to the cuts from a razor or the sting of wax removal, many people find traditional hair removal approaches unappealing. If you’re looking to quit shaving and streamline your routine, laser hair removal just may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Rely on highly esteemed cosmetic dermatologist Paul Wallace, MD, to help you keep your skin healthy. Through his practice Wallace Skin and Body Institute, Dr. Wallace and his team offers a full range of services to help you reach your aesthetic goals, including laser hair removal. Dr. Wallace uses the Elite+ Aesthetic Workstation  by Cynosure, a leader in aesthetic laser technology.

Read on to find out how Elite+ laser hair removal can help you ditch razors maintain flawlessly smooth skin. 

Smooth skin without shaving

The Elite+ laser system is the latest advancement in aesthetic laser technology. The system uses multiple wavelengths for fast, effective, and versatile treatment for hair removal. Unlike other laser hair removal systems, the Elite+ is safe for all skin types, making laser hair removal accessible for a wide range of skin types and hair colors.

Compared to previous hair removal lasers, The Elite+ provides the following benefits: 

Shorter treatment sessions

Dr. Wallace can have you in and out of the office faster thanks to the Elite+ system’s ability to treat a larger area of skin. This significantly reduces the amount of time you spend in the office getting treated.

Fewer treatments

Now you can enjoy smooth skin sooner than ever before. The Elite+ has been shown to reduce unwanted hair by close to 80% after just three treatments. Other lasers require twice as many treatment sessions (at least) to achieve similar results. 

Safe for dark skin

Previous lasers featured wavelengths that were best absorbed in lighter skin with dark hair. With multiple wavelengths to choose from, Dr. Wallace chooses the appropriate wavelength for your skin. The Elite+ laser system features wavelengths that are safe for dark skin and can achieve fast results for all skin types.

How does laser hair removal work?

The Elite+ system emits light energy that selectively targets the pigment in your hair follicles. The light energy disables hair follicles to inhibit future hair growth. Surrounding tissues remain unaffected. Hair follicles go through phases, and while some follicles are in the growth phase, other follicles are in the resting phase. Multiple sessions are necessary to target hair follicles in the growth stage.

You can expect to notice results after the first treatment. As follicles are inhibited, hair grows back thinner and finer. Results become more noticeable with each treatment session. Most patients need 4-6 treatments to see long lasting results. You may require future touchups. Dr. Wallace will create an individualized treatment plan to address your needs.

Say goodbye to your razor

If you’re ready to say goodbye to razors and enjoy smooth skin, then you’re ready for laser hair removal with the industry leading Elite+ laser hair removal system. To get started, contact our Los Angeles office to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Wallace and find out how the Elite+ can help you throw out your razor for good.

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