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For many people, a needle and syringe are preferable to a scalpel. Cosmetic injectables like neuromodulators and dermal fillers can alter certain facial features without the need for surgery. At Wallace Skin & Body Institute in the Ladera Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, top-rated dermatologist Paul Wallace, MD, MPA, plans and performs your cosmetic injectable treatment with safety and great results in mind. To find out more about what cosmetic injectables can do, book your consultation by phone or online today.

What are injectables?

Cosmetic injectables are medications and substances placed within your skin using a needle and syringe. They alter your appearance in different ways, but the differences they can each make are significant. In many cases, they conceal or minimize the features that indicate years of aging. 

At some point in life, everyone experiences changes to their skin’s texture or fullness. This is due to a combination of factors, including the gradual loss of subdermal fat in the face and the loss of collagen and elastin. Some factors, like smoking, dehydration, and sun exposure, can speed up the process and cause wrinkles to appear earlier than you anticipated. 

Cosmetic injectables provide a way for you to address wrinkles, volume loss, and unfavorable facial contours without resorting to surgery. While rhinoplasty, a facelift, or other cosmetic surgeries can make a major and lasting change to the way you look, cosmetic injectables provide temporary and more subtle changes with fewer risks and little or no recovery time. 

What are my injectable treatment options?

At Wallace Skin & Body Institute, Dr. Wallace offers several of the highest-rated injectables for anti-aging and cosmetic purposes. Based on the goals you specify during your consultation, he might recommend:


Botox is the number one cosmetic injectable throughout the world. Known for its ability to treat fine lines like crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines, it works by preventing the muscle flexes that cause these wrinkles.


Jeuveau shares a common ingredient with Botox and works in the same way. However, its specialty is reducing the wrinkles between your eyes called frown lines or glabellar lines. 

Juvéderm® fillers

Juvéderm is a brand of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. It includes several products in its line, which can add volume to your lips, cheeks, under your eyes, or hands. It can also treat deep wrinkles like marionette lines or smile lines near your mouth. Hyaluronic acid is soft and smooth, so it feels like real fat tissue beneath your skin. It dissolves naturally over time. 

How long do the results of injectables last?

Injectable neuromodulators like Botox and Jeuveau smooth targeted wrinkles for about four months on average. You can schedule repeated injections with Dr. Wallace to maintain your results. If the one you used originally starts producing less noticeable results as your tissues adapt to it, he might recommend using the other to achieve the full effect again. 

Depending on the specific area you treat, fillers by Juvéderm tend to last for one to two years. As with neuromodulators, you can get fillers repeatedly as their results fade.

To explore the benefits of anti-aging injectables like Botox, Jeuveau, and dermal fillers, set up a consultation. Call Wallace Skin & Body Institute, or request an appointment online today.

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