Rosacea affects an estimated 16 million Americans, and many of them are unaware they have it. This common skin condition is diagnosed in people of all ages and genders, but is especially common in women and fair-skinned people between 30 and 50 years of age.

People with rosacea facial redness and flushing on the face and upper body that is either persistent or recurring. It is commonly marked by small pimplelike bumps, mild skin swelling, visible blood vessels, and sensitive skin. Occasionally, some people with rosacea develop cysts or nodules that can lead to swelling.

If you have any skin concerns, such as rosacea, it’s best to visit a dermatology specialist. Paul Wallace, MD, of Wallace of Ladera Heights, is an esteemed medical and cosmetic dermatologist with more than two decades of experience helping people of all ages keep their skin healthy and beautiful.

Dr. Wallace routinely helps patients manage conditions like rosacea using an individualized, patient-centered approach, combined with the latest advances in dermatology. If you have rosacea, or notice unusual redness, we can help. Keep reading to find out how we can help reduce signs of rosacea and restore clear, healthy-looking skin.

What’s the treatment for rosacea?

Here at Wallace of Ladera Heights we use a variety of approaches to best manage rosacea. The treatment Dr. Wallace recommends will depend on various factors, along with insight gained from a careful examination of your skin.

Because rosacea involves multiple underlying factors, a combination of treatments is often the best solution.

Intense pulse light therapy

Small, dilated or broken blood vessels visible at the surface of the skin are a common feature of rosacea. To address this, we often recommend intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. IPL is a proven technology for treating vascular lesions, and it’s an excellent option for diminishing the appearance of blood vessels in rosacea.

IPL delivers intense light waves that penetrate the skin to help break down blood vessels and damaged skin. Using broad spectrum wavelengths, the IPL device emits strong bursts of light that cause blood vessels to shrink, effectively reducing their appearance.

Laser resurfacing

In some people, rosacea can cause the skin to thicken. When we see this characteristic we may recommend laser resurfacing to reduce skin thickening and improve the skin’s texture. At Wallace of Ladera Heights, Dr. Wallace uses Reaction® skin resurfacing, a versatile fractional CO2 resurfacing system that gives Dr. Wallace precise control to effectively treat targeted skin layers.

With the help of Reaction skin resurfacing, you can improve your skin’s texture so that it is smoother and healthier looking.

Topical treatment

Your treatment plan may include topical creams and gels geared toward controlling inflammation. These medications reduce the severity of pimplelike outbreaks as well as they decrease swelling to keep your skin looking more clear.

Help for rosacea

If you’re struggling with the signs and symptoms of rosacea, we have the tools, resources, and experience to improve your skin so that you have one less thing to worry about. We work together with you to implement a comprehensive treatment plan so that you have healthier skin.

To learn more about how we can help you manage rosacea, and for all of your dermatology needs, we invite you to give our knowledgeable team a call or book online to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Wallace.