Dissolve Fat & Build Muscle

Introducing Emsculpt NEO at the Wallace Skin and Body Institute.

Why You Want It, What It Is;  BTL Aesthetics Introduced this FDA-cleared body, arm, and torso contouring device about the time that Dr. Paul  Wallace was setting up his Wallace Skin and Body Institute in Ladera Heights in 2020.  It sounded too good to be true, and Dr. Wallace wanted to be sure that the EMSCULPT NEO lived up to the hype before adding it to his state-of-the-art Institute.

His verdict? A resounding YES!  This non-surgical multitasker both dissolves the fat and builds muscle in body areas most resistant to normal exercise: The upper and lower stomach, the outer and inner thighs, calves, love handles, as well as the most difficult areas of the arms to tone and build muscle, including the triceps. The fat reduction and muscle buildup happen simultaneously in four-to-six, thirty-minute sessions, spaced a week apart.

The Emsculpt Neo’s electromagnetic energy produces up to 24,000 supramaximal contractions and the RF energy boosts the blood supply to the muscle tissues. Because all the muscles are activated at once, the muscle fibers are strengthened and lactic acid and other chemicals that break down subcutaneous fat are released. Clinical studies have shown that Emsculpt Neo can reduce up to 30% of fat in the chosen treatment area and increase muscle growth by about 25%.

What is the Comfort Level of an Emsculpt Neo Treatment?  Many Emsculpt clients tolerate the half-hour sessions with little discomfort, others have soreness, and the kind of discomfort one gets during and after an intense workout. But there is no downtime, and results will continue to improve after each session and also for a period of time when the course of treatment is completed.

How Permanent Are the Results?  That will depend on each patient’s habits. With a sensible diet and exercise program, maintenance sessions may not be necessary.  Others like a follow-up after a year. Dr. Wallace will be able to offer suggestions for the best results.

Are you a good candidate for Emsculpt?

Dr. Paul Wallace (MD/MPA) invites you to schedule a Complimentary Consultation for his Expert Evaluation at the Wallace Skin and Body Institute (WSBI)

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